Hybrid cars

To the Editor:

Have you noticed the growing number of hybrid vehicles rolling along Middlebury area streets? We bought a Prius in 2001 to support the new technology and reduce our carbon footprint when we learned that transportation accounts for the hugest portion of carbon released into our atmosphere. In light of climate change and peak oil, we pushed ourselves to do what we could to adjust our transportation habits and vehicles.

As school begins, urge your household to drive efficiently and learn the following carbon busters: avoid idling, dont top off your tank, use vapor recovery nozzles, keep good tire pressure (soft tires take more energy), make one big trip to town instead of many quick ones, go easy on the gas pedal, avoid carrying extra weight, avoid roof racks, use overdrive, carpool when possible, use ACTR buses, use your bike, walk, check gas mileage when buying, and ask about biodiesel conversion. Thanks for driving right.

Laura Asermily

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