Dog day afternoon

Did I mention she likes to crawl under the back deck, get all dirty and then bound onto our bed? Sigh.

So this morning, dog day 4, I got up and left real early to get pictures of practicing high school sports teams for our sports preview. Weary, I arrived home in mid-afternoon, and grabbed (as usual) everything in the car; my purse, my water bottle, my laptop bag, my camera bag and my ice tea. I opened the door, to be greeted enthusiastically by two gold dogs and one mostly black one with a long, pointy nose, which promptly got hooked in the strap of my laptop bag, pulling me off balance, dumping my iced tea on the floor, on the laptop bag and on me, while dropping my purse. Oh yeah, and on the wedding picture Edrie Squires had given me for a story about Posies TV debut.

I uttered a profanity or two and opened the back door so those darn dogs could go out. As I did that, I noticed little white pellets throughout the house. No, I thought, not Cupid. Cupid is my five-foot stuffed giraffe, the product of my obsession with the tall, spotty animals that we had seen up close and personal at Busch Gardens a year or so ago.

Happily, it wasnt Cupid. Sadly, it was Roadrunner. Yup, that roadrunner, Beep Beep, no longer stuffed, with bright red legs and toes in the living room and the blue fuzzy body now in the back yard. And the thousands of pellets that had stuffed his body everywhere.

I leaned over to start wiping up the iced tea and my cell phone fell out of my pocket, into the pellety-sticky mess.

I cleaned up the iced tea, but as I write this, the dogs are still tip-toeing around the pellets left by my late, great pal Roadrunner. Im not 100 percent sure which canine to blame this on, but I believe Casanova may be the culprit.

Happily, none of my techno toys were injured throughout this debacle. Laptop, cell phone and Palm all survived fine.

Wait until sonny boy comes home. He owes me big time for this one. Dont even think about unpacking your bags Greg, youre going on a guilt trip!

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