Criticism toward hospital should be constructive

To the editor:

Elizabethtown Community Hospital has initiated a capital campaign to fund approximately one third of a construction and renovation project which is currently estimated to cost some $6.3 million dollars. The completed project will improve the services currently provided and make possible the provision of a variety of new services.

We have already received many favorable comments and positive support. This is important and encouraging. This hospital belongs to the communities it serves. Financial support is necessary to effect the physical construction and renovation. Verbal support is the enging that generates enthusiasm and builds an awareness among the community of the benefits available to promote the well being of each individual in our service area. We are grateful to our many supports and encourage them to communicate the importance of this hospital and the huge asset it represents for the residents of and visitors to this area.

Inevitably, however, we hear some negativity regarding the hospital project from the few proverbial skeptics and pessimists that surround most community efforts. We do not wish to deny to these persons the right to speak their minds. We think, however, that criticism should be constructive and not destructive, informed comment not uniformed chatter. We suspect that there words will do little or nothing to affect the persons who fall into this lonely category. Perhaps, however, by contrast, they will serve as a measure of our sincere thanks to those who support improved health care at Elizabethtown Community Hospital and the greater good of our community.

Ulrich V. Hoffman, board chairman
Rodney C. Boula, administrator/CEO

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