Adirondack wedding to be broadcast on cable channel

The wedding was held at St. John the Baptist in Chestertown and the reception was at Echo Lake Lodge. Hamilton said it was all good.

My words sound like I have rose-colored glasses but our Adirondacks experience was that fabulous! she said. The rooms were absolutely beautiful and the staff at Echo Lake Lodge were fabulous, friendly and a lot of fun.

Hamilton is a retired chef and knows her way around the kitchen. She said that Bill, the chef, loaned her the kitchen the day before the wedding to finish the wedding cakes, loaned her needed supplies and left, trusting her in his sacred space. I'm not sure I would have been as generous, she said. We chefs can be territorial.

The production crew of six from Married Away were really fun, Hamilton said. She said they asked questions that made them stop and think about what was actually happening each step of the way.

My daughter and her husband are actors and having all the wedding stuff on film is just so them, she said.

After the wedding, the bride contact Posies about the flowers.

Edrie at Posies was everything we were looking for in our floral design for the wedding, she said. Her talent and creativity added a wonderful touch to our wedding.

Brand said it was really, really interesting to see how the TV people work.

We had three cameramen and a director, she said. Of course the main focus was the bride, but I think its such a neat thing that they came to such a small town instead of Lake George or Saratoga. This is big stuff for this little town.

The Style Channel is on channel 77 for Time Warner customers and the show will air sometime in October.

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