Your entwined reporter, with Mrs. Pretty Good and the Gillillands was caught motoring to Johnstown for the Sir William Johnson conference. 2% said he was no good, 23% said he was BAAD, several said he couldnt speak Mohawk, many said he could, two spoke about how he beat his kids, while one said he beat other kids not his. As you all know, he was very famous, that is, people in a 15-mile radius have heard of him. Pretty announced that he never heard of him and asked if he had lived in Whallonsburg and was he related to anyone in town. On the way back, we didnt get to visit Grandma Betsys quads but we will. In important local news, Aunt Vera Cross, Mary West and Grace Martin passed away leaving a irreplaceable void in our life. They represented a part of our culture that stood for steadfastness, integrity, and a historical period full of warmth, understanding, and love. It will just be our luck that coming into our lives will probably be another sociopath, lawyer or new restaurant in Willsboro. Almost last call for the E-Town Museum annual Ghost tour. Misses will be hard-working county employees, but present will be harping music a gourmet buffet, ghostly Al Dente Singers concert, dessert at the Hand House and chamber music in one of the Museums closets. To join other significant and important persons on the 27th, call 873-6466... The Essex Community Methodist Church honored their music program with a Potty Luck Super Wednesday with lip sinking substitute choir, hundreds of presents, (10 boxes of crayons) and food galore featuring 23 different hamburg dishes. Pretty joined the choir on Tuesday but didnt get any gifts. He is expected to leave choir Thursday. The notorious Yellow Bellied Spineless Essex Snow birds have started their flight outa town and should all be gone in 10 days. They will be surprised by higher taxes on their return. Its a pity that they havent the smarts to notice that their taxes are always higher on their return. Bad news, the Election Day supper at the Whallonsburg Grange, held every other year, will not be held this year. Someone stole our recipes. Town Budget efforts seem to be holding the line against the National inflation trend and the town is still awaiting federal funds. While no definite plans for the Essex hamlets sewage treatment plant system are in any imbedded state, everyone will be happy to know that the Rumor Mill Company already knows about 21 plans, identified 43 people to blame, and have begun their annual whining choir rehearsals.

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