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QUEENSBURY Election Day is just around the corner, and the ballots are ready. In Warren County, voters will choose two fourth Judicial District Justices of the Supreme Court. Candidates are Democrat Peter Tulin, Republicans Frank Williams and David Demarest. Williams and Demarest are running on the Conservative line as well. The race for Warren County Sheriff was decided in September, when Nathan Bud York defeated incumbent Larry Cleveland on both the Republican and Independence lines, so York is running unopposed. Incumbent County Treasurer Francis OKeefe is running on the Democrat line and is being challenged by Queensbury Supervisor at Large, Nicholas Caimano, Jr., who is also on the Independence line. In Bolton, incumbent Supervisor Alexander Gabriels III was defeated in the Republican primary and will not be on the ballot. Town Clerk Kathleen Simmes is running on the Republican, Democrat and Conservative ballot, while Ronald Conover is on the Independence line and Albert Huck is running on an Independent party line. Richard Sammis is running for town justice on the Democrat and Conservative lines, while Edward Stewart is on the Republican line. Two Bolton town board seats are up for grabs with Edward Corcoran and Deanne Rehm running as Democrats, Robert MacEwan and Rehm are on the Republican lines and Corcoran and Rehm are endorsed by the Conservatives. Chester Supervisor Fred Monroe is running unopposed, and the only seats that have opposition are the two town board seats, with Republicans Stephen Durkish and Michael Packer running against Democrat Carol Halliday. Horicon Supervisor secured his re-election when he defeated Robert Olson in the primary race, and is running unopposed. The two town board seats available are being sought by Shirley Hayes and Kenneth Higgins on the Republican line and Joseph Dooris on an Independent line. Incumbent Superintendent of Highways Paul Smith is running as a Republican and also on the Independence and Independent lines. Darian Granger is challenging on an Independent party line. In Johnsburg, long time Supervisor Bill Thomas is stepping aside, and Sterling Goodspeed and Andrea McKee are running for the spot. Goodspeed is running on the Republican line, while McKee is running as a Democrat and is on the Conservative and an Independent party as well. The two town board seats are being sought by Mark Schmale and Ronald Vaselow, both running on Democrat, Conservative and Independent lines. Frank Morehouse Jr. and Eugene Arsenault are both running on the Republican line. In Lake George, Lou Tessier faces a challenge by Robert Flacke. Tessier is on the Republican and Independence lines while Flacke is on the Democrat line. The two town board seats are being sought by Janie Green and Neil McPhillips on the Democrat line, Caryl Clark and Scott Wood on both Republican and Independence lines and Green and George McGowan on the Conservative line. Frank Thomas is unopposed as Stony Creek town supervisor, but the two town board seats are being sought by Dale Aldrich and Thomas Cutler on the Republican line and Stanley Ross on the Conservative line. The contentious race for Stony Creek Superintendent of Highways has Neil Bradley running as Republican and on an Independent party line, against Zackery Thomas, running on the Independence line. Thurman Supervisor John Haskell is facing a challenge from Randall Oppitz, who is running as a Democrat. Haskell is on the Republican and Independence lines. Cynthia Hyde is running unopposed for the town clerk seat left by the retirement of Nancy Beadnell. The two Thurman town board seats are being sought by Linda Griswold on the Democratic line, James Ligon and Leon Galusha on the Republican line and Joan Harris and Glenda Duell on Independent lines. Tax Collector Marie Allisons name is on the ballot, but is no longer running due to a conflict of interest. Warrensburg has two town board seats available and Austin Markey and Dean Ackley have secured those in the primary race. The Superintendent of Highways spot is being sought by Wendell Beadnell on the Democrat and Conservative lines and Gerald Pennock Jr. on the Republican and an Independent line.

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