10 Basic Tips For Winter Driving

NAPS When driving in snow, sleet and ice, safety takes a turn for the better if you take note of these winter-driving tips from Indy Car Series driver Danica Patrick. Here are her 10 basic guidelines to follow for safe winter driving on slippery roads: 1. Buckle those seat belts. (Its the law.) 2. Keep your windows clear of snow and ice. Do not start until your windshield is defrosted. For clear windows, try products such as Peak Rain-Off Deicer, which deices windshields, windows and wipers for better visibility. 3. Be patient and pass other cars only when its safe to do so. 4. In rain, fog, snow or sleet, do not turn on your high-beam headlights. 5. Reduce speed and increase your following distance. Your speed should be adjusted for the conditions and match the flow of traffic. 6. Roadway conditions may vary depending on the sun, shade or roadway surface. Watch for slick spots, especially under bridges, on overpasses and in shaded spots. 7. If the pavement is snow or ice covered, start slowly and brake gently. Begin braking early when you come to an intersection. 8. If you start to slide, ease off the gas pedal or brakes. Steer into the direction of the skid until you feel you have regained traction, then straighten your vehicle. 9. Be alert when you approach a cloud of snow covering the road, especially on passing lanes. Slow down and approach with caution. A snowplow may be at work clearing the lane or preparing to turn around. 10. Consider getting off the road before getting stranded if weather is worsening. Safe winter driving starts before you even get on the road. In order to keep your car running smoothly this winter, be sure to check your antifreeze. Look for products backed by a lifetime guarantee thats good for as long as you own your vehicle.

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