State tax burden is too much

The state legislature's new report on Vermonts Tax Burden is revealing in ways that should end any attempts to raise taxes on Vermonters. Unfortunately, it doesnt appear that Democrats will heed the warnings illustrated by their own report. That the JFO report does not take into account Vermonts crushing property tax burden is just one more indication that the Democrats are so out of touch that they are unwilling to engage or even acknowledge Vermonters number one concern. The report reveals that the rich (which chart 3 in the JFO report would indicate as individuals earning $45,000 a year or more) in Vermont are already paying more than their fair share of the total tax burden. It would be unfair to increase taxes on a population that is already shouldering a significantly disproportionate amount of the highest per-capita tax burden in the country. It would also be unwise for the state to put even more of our revenue eggs into this one already overloaded basket. If the tax capacity of Vermonters earning $45,000 or more is "tapped out" (to use Sen. Peter Shumlin's term), the only viable target for tax increases would be Vermonters earning less than that. We should all strongly opposes this option. Honest readers of the JFO report should conclude that "no new taxes" is not political rhetoric in Vermont, but an economic reality for working families in our state. Rob Roper

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