This Week's Review: "Michael Clayton"

The value of teamwork can also manifest itself away from the athletic field, in places as diverse as the business world, religion, school, or even at home. And while it may be a little harder to notice, even the world of motion pictures can derive success from the team approach. This weeks feature, Michael Clayton, is a prime example of how a group of actors can take an average story and propel it into one the years finest films.

Michael Clayton is the story of a self-described legal janitor. The main character, played by George Clooney, works for a high-powered law firm where he specializes in cleaning up messes made by rich clients. When one of these messes begins to negatively effect a coworker, Clayton discovers that he is suddenly involved in something bigger than he ever imagined.

Not enough can be said about the assemblage of talent that united for this film. Besides the high-profile involvement of George Clooney, Michael Clayton features Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton, and Sydney Pollack, all of whom give gripping, heartfelt portrayals. Those names may not sound familiar to many viewers, but trust me, they are some of the true artists of Hollywood. But while the individual talent of each actor was obvious throughout the film, it was their intermixed efforts that really made this picture shine.

If youre a fan of legal dramas, but are tired of the overworked scenarios made popular by Law & Order, then Michael Clayton is the film for you. For those who tend to shy away from the genre, I highly encourage you to give this film a try. The storyline alone will hold your attention, but the absolutely mesmerizing performances will have you completely transfixed. With the lack of solid film choices currently available, there is no doubt that this should be most peoples next theater choice. A harmonious A- for Michael Clayton.

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