Mill Creek Musings

From my experience, the best time to visit Phoenix, Arizona is the beginning of May. That is when the saguaro cactus blooms. The giant armed cactus raises its beautiful white blossoms up to the sky like a bridesmaid who just caught the bouquet. We were in Paris one year on Mother's Day, the second week in May. The streets of Paris are lined with the flowering chestnut trees. I had never before seen chestnuts in blossom and they captured my heart. We could debate about which season is the best time to visit the Adirondacks, but my vote goes to autumn because it is the most colorful. People travel long distances to see our fall foliage. The trees, touched by the fingers of frost, have leaves of all hues from green to yellow, orange and red half the colors in a box of 64 Crayolas. Albert Camus, the French philosopher, once said, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a bloom". In my Women & Autobiography class I've been reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang. It describes her life in Communist China during Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution when he directed that all the grass and flowers be pulled out by the roots. He said they served no utilitarian purpose. As we sat in the classroom discussing the story, I looked out the window at the lush green lawn dotted with colorful trees and rejoiced to be living in America in 2007 enjoying the beauty of Autumn.

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