I salute you!

To the Editor: It is very seldom that we get an opportunity to praise our elected Senators, but when someone does something as commendable as the action taken by Windsor County Sen. Alice Nitka, Democrat from Ludlow, they need to be praised and encouraged. Sen. Nitka has introduced to the education committee bill S. 175. This bill proposes to require that the voters in each member district of a supervisory union have an opportunity to vote on the supervisory union budget. What a novel idea, attempting to make this a country of the people and for the people. I am so ecstatic about this action on the part of Sen. Nitka that I am almost speechless. It is wonderful to see people trying to gain back what was rightfully theirs in the first place. Could it be that the pendulum has started to swing back to the right? Are people so fed up with Tax and Spend politics that they now want a say about where their tax dollars are being spent? I certainly hope so! I realize that getting such an important bill out of committee, through the full senate and passed the house within a single legislative session is next to impossible but at least an effort is being made. Although I strongly believe that employees and elected officials should complete their assigned work in the allotted time I would approve of an extended session to get this much needed bill passed into law. R. E. Merrill

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