Home Gardeners Can Rate Their Veggies

For years Cornell Cooperative Extension staff on campus have produced a list of recommended vegetable varieties for home gardeners in New York state. But with so many new varieties introduced each year that list had become more and more difficult to keep tested and current. They decided the best way they could help gardeners choose varieties would be to engage them directly through a new Web site.

Now that so many people have computers at home and access to them at public libraries, were encouraging anyone who grows any veggies at all to check it out this new way of reviewing vegetables. The site makes you an essential part of the process by giving you a way to share your own gardening experience with fellow gardeners. You can compare different varieties (over 3000 are listed!) and learn about new varieties you might want to try. The comments are from gardeners around the state and even across the country but you can easily sift through for comments from gardeners who have similar growing conditions to yours.

Visitors are Welcome
While anyone can visit the site and get lots of information, the real benefit to you comes once you register your own profile, anonymously of course. When you register you include information on your growing season, number of frost-free days, soil type and sun exposure. This lets you to then sort the site for comments from gardeners with similar growing conditions to yours.

Registering is quite easy, there are just a few questions to answer and theres even a handy pop-up map showing average frost free days for the whole state of New York.

Start Here
I encourage first time visitors to take couple of minutes to visit the link on the home page How to use this site. It will give you some tips on how to navigate through the site and give you an idea of all the functions the site has to offer.

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