Blades seeks to be next Lewis supervisor

LEWIS Republican supervisor candidate David Blades says he has a vision for the town of Lewis. Blades, who narrowly lost the 2005 Lewis election to Anthony Glebus, is trying again for the supervisors seat. Blades said he would bring honesty, a strong work ethic, commitment and willingness to be involved. He added he had experience in budget preparation, grant writing, setting priorities, working in committees and helping people are necessary qualities to have as the executive officer of the town. Blades has been a resident of Lewis for 39 years. A Vietnam veteran, he spent 22 years with the state police before becoming an educator at educator at Moriah Central School. From Moriah, he moved on to Capital Region BOCES were he presently works as a coordinator of student services. It is Blades belief that the issue that will cause the most impact to residents in the town of Lewis is the rising cost of services caused by increases in fuel and energy prices. Maintaining roads, which is necessary for the safety of residents, and the operation of the Department of Public Works, fire and other emergency vehicles will cost more. It is just not the increase this will create in local taxes, but the increased cost we must endure to drive to work and the increases in the cost of the products we buy to feed our families and heat our homes. There is no doubt that the cost of living may exceed the ability of many of our residents to maintain their current life style, said Blades. The ongoing litigation with NYCO, drop in student enrollments, loss of the younger generation to employment outside of the Adirondack Park, affordable housing and improving the the lives of seniors were also issues hed like to address on the town or county levels. Improving communication is another priority for Blades. The position of town supervisor is a full-time position, one that requires the chief executive officer to be available and open to the needs of the community, said Blades. Blades indicated the career positions he has held provided experience and helped to sharpen his communication skills. Communication is not just the ability to talk, but more importantly the ability to listen and understand what is being stated. The supervisor must keep the town board up to date on what is happening at the county level as well as the town. To do this there must be two-way discussions on the issues that will effect the town of Lewis with the board members, said Blades. He added that hed like to create a town newsletter or use the town Web site to inform Lewis residents of what is going on in their community. With his experience as a school administrator and membership on a number of civic boards and committees, Blades has experience with budget preparation. Blades said he would also seek grant money to help offset the tax burden. Having been successful with grant writing, Blades believes his experience will benefit the residents of Lewis. Blades stated that he would work towards engaging the residents of the town in setting long range goals for the direction the town should be pursuing. If elected, he plans on opening the town hall one night a week for those individuals that are not able stop during the work day. Blades said he would take time to become familiar with the day to day operations of the town and then work out details of what changes in the town were needed. He explained he will need the assistance of many people to make the transition should he be elected. Blades decision to run for supervisor did not occur quickly, but rather evolved over many years. It is important to understand that we all have priorities in our personal and work lives. These priorities are dictated by our values, life styles, and family and work responsibilities, said Blades. Blades said that family, work and educational responsibilities took the front seat, until his children graduated from high school and he graduated from college. At this time, he began to become more involved with his community, serving on many different boards and committees over the next 20 years. He is also an active member of the First Congregational Church in Lewis. For more information on Blades, log onto www.davidblades.com . Incumbent supervisor Anthony Glebus, who announced his retirement earlier this year, is running as a write-in candidate. Glebus declined to be interviewed.

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