How to Avoid Big Homeowner Headaches This Winter

Also know that not all insulation is created equal. Insulation is identified and labeled by R-value. "R" stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power so the colder the climate you live in, the greater the need for a higher R-value.

Crack Open the Caulk
Investing your money in extra insulation for the attic and walls can be a waste of time and money if you fail to properly winterize your windows and doors. Once you've checked for any air leaks or drafts in your windows, apply caulk to seal any potential air leaks. Re-caulking your windows will help keep moisture out of your home. Snow and ice that thaw and then refreeze can wreak havoc if the water seeps into windows and settles on sills and ledges. A fresh lining of caulk will drastically reduce the potential of damaged windows. After caulking, you might want to take one step further and install weather stripping on the windows and doors. This will help further reduce drafts and also protect against water and moisture.Make Plumbing Paramount

While failing to adequately winterize your windows and doors can potentially cost you a few hundred dollars a year, neglecting to insulate exposed piping can lead to burst pipes, which would cause significant damage to your home. Heating tape should be applied to all pipes that are at risk of freezing. Additionally, all exterior faucets should be drained and have their water source turned off.

Don't Forget the Furnace
One of the simplest tasks that many homeowners overlook is changing the filter in their furnaces. A new, clean filter will help the furnace run more efficiently, allowing more warm air to reach all the rooms in a home and saving homeowner money by reducing heating costs. Because the furnace can run all winter long, make sure to check the filter at least once a month. The simple motto "change the filter on the first" is a great way to develop a pattern for checking the quality of the filter.

While these tips don't cover all the tasks that need to be completed to properly winterize your home, they should give you a good head start this fall. Remember, sufficiently winterizing your home does take time and money, however it will not only improve your quality of life in the short term, but in the long run will add value to your home.

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