Vigliotti Scholarship Tournament played

TICONDEROGA The Mike (Coach) Vigliotti Scholarship Tournament was held at Ticonderoga Country Club Sept. 30. The results include: Speciality Events Hole #1- CTP in 2- Tim Malaney Hole #2- Longest Drive - Rick Liddell Hole # 3- CTP- Bruce Clark Hole # 4- First Birdie- Matt Dreimiller Hole # 5- CTP in 3- Jim Wells Hole # 6- CTP- Eric Rich Hole # 7- First in Brook- Greg Perkins- Nancy Rich Hole # 8- CTP- Erik Kristensen Hole # 9- Team with Highest score- Carol Barnwell and Connie Sinkway Hole # 10- CTP in 2 - Tom Stricker Hole # 11- CTP- Pete Plass Hole # 12- Longest Drive- Ricky Strew Hole # 13- CTP- Bruce Clark Hole # 14- Longest Drive- Rick Liddell Hole # 15- CTP in 3- Ricky Strew Hole # 16- Closest to the Directional Flag- Linda Osborne Hole # 17- CTP- Matt Dreimiller Hole # 18- First Birdie-Jim Wells Team Results Womens Championship Flight 1st- Kathy Liddell and Heidi Fitzgerald-77 2nd- Linda Osborne and Robin Nowc-84 3rd- Mary Louise Coleman and Barb Marriott-84 First Flight 1st- Cathy Clark and Jody Edson-84 2nd- Deb Armstrong and Lacy La Course-90 3rd- Nancy Horner and Charolette Hebert-93 Mens Championship Flight 1st- Rick Liddell and Matt Dreimiller-65 2nd- Tim Malaney and Cory Thompson-66 3rd- Tom Stricker and Mike Vigliotti- 67 First Flight 1st- Nate Yaw and Andy Mattison-69 2nd- Pete Plass and Bruce Clark- 73 3rd- Matt Hall and Greg Perkins-73 Second Flight 1st- PJ Graney and Mike Graney-71 2nd- Fred Horner and Carm Gijanto-75 3rd- Eric Rich and Nate LaCourse-77 Third Flight 1st- Doug Allen and Jon Allen-77 2nd- Mike St. Pierre and Sam Westbrook-77 3rd- Ralph Corbo and Father Bill Muench-79 Hoop Tournament A golf tournament to raise money for the Ti High basketball program was held Oct. 7 at Ti Country Club. Results include: Hole #1- CTP in 2- Ed Allen Hole #2- Longest Drive - Casey Nephew Hole # 3- CTP- Doug Nadeau/1st in the Road- Matt Kuhl Hole # 4- Closest to Directional Flag-Dan O'Connor Hole # 5- Longest Drive- Tina Russell/1st in Woods- Marty Loughlin Hole # 6- CTP- Ron Pote Hole # 7- First in Brook-Tracy Smith/CTP in 3- Jay Wells Hole # 8- CTP- Brandon Graney Hole # 9- Shortest Drive- Krissi Bianchine/CTP in 3- Jesse Maye Hole # 10- CTP in 2 - Andy Warren Hole # 11- CTP-Doug Nadeau/ !st in Brook- Ed Allen Hole # 12- Longest Drive- Ricky Strew Hole # 13- CTP- Mike Vilardo Hole # 14- CTP in 2- Ron Gilkes Hole # 15- Longest Drive-Ron Gilkes Hole # 16- CTP in 2- Jeremy Treadway/ 1st in brook-Scott Nephew Hole # 17- CTP-John Woods Hole # 18- CTP in 2- Erik Kristensen- Team Results Championship Flight 1st- Dale White,Matt Dreimiller, Mike Vilardo and Tom Malaney Jr.-61 2nd - Cory Thompson,Tim Malaney,Ron Pote and Erik Kristensen-62 3rd- Kyle Goodman, Steve Goodman, Kirk Goodman and Bret Everest-62 First Flight 1st- Scott Nephew, Casey Nephew, Mike Mascarenas and Ed Allen-66 2nd Dan Shaw, Chris Hens, Mook Vilardo and Dan O'Connor-67 3rd- Tom Stricker, Fred Shaw, Ed Corliss and Gary Davis-67 4th- John Lenhart, Ed Aulfuldish,John Woods and Mike Callahan-68 Second Flight 1st- Jake Maye, Jesse Maye, Donnie Maye and Tim Childs-66 2nd- Jeremy Treadway, Harry Treadway, Cases Cheney and Sherman Crowe-71 3rd- DanDorsett, Bill Treadway, Matt Kuhl and Eric Rich-71 4th- Joe DeFayette, Eric Mullins, Matt Muller and Dale Barber-72

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