NFL Picks: Then, came Monday

Its funny how sports go; Sunday was awesome, Big Blue beat the Jets and the Yankees won a playoff game. Then came Monday.

It started as a joyous day celebrating my wedding anniversary with my lovely wife. It took a terrible turn beginning at about 7:35 p.m. when the Yankee game started. For nearly the next four hours, I wore my clicker thumb out going back and forth between the baseball game and the Monday night Cowgirls/Bills game.

Ive never wanted Buffalo to win a game so badly, and things were going swimmingly as the Bills kept picking off Romo and scoring! By halftime, I already had done the math: Dallas was losing, and would drop the next game to the Patsies as well. With a Giant victory over Atlanta Monday night, theyd be tied for first.

Still, the Bills continued to give Tony Romo fits and appeared to have the game well in hand, until, for reasons no person with even the slightest knowledge of football could understand, Buffalo decides to throw the ball in the Red Zone, rather than taking time off the clock and settling for a field goal.

Interception. Dallas drives for a touchdown.

A great play on T.O. denies a game-tying two-point conversion attempt, and it looks like the Bills will dodge a bullet and walk away with a huge upset.

Onside kick. Dallas recovers. Bills allow a couple completed passes. Cowgirls kick a long field goal. Buffalo loses.

Cant deny it was a very exciting finish, but on a whole, it was a pretty depressing way to end what could have been a great sports weekend.

Alas, its on to Week 6. Denpubs Managing Editor John Gereau and Tom Boland both had near-perfect records last week, coming in at 13-1. Gereau opened up a five-game lead with his impressive showing.

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