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Saturday, Oct. 13, 1 p.m., This Land is Your Land: The Battle for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Newcomb Visitor Interpretive Center. Free - sponsored by High Peaks Audubon Society. Join Sue Krause, environmental educator and president of the Four Harbor Audubon Society in St. James, NY, for a telling presentation about one of the most hotly debated wilderness areas in the world. Sue will discuss and show photographs of the mammals and birds that breed in and migrate through this magnificent refuge, tell us about the history of the place and what we can all do to protect this stunning, unspoiled wilderness The Newcomb Historical Society (next to the Town Hall) is still open 1-4 pm Thursday through Sunday. Come in and see their fantastic Camp Santanoni display and National Lead/Tahawus display. They are also now able to duplicate many of their pictures and offer them for sale to the public. The Society would like to thank Town Supervisor George Cannon and the Town Board for purchasing tables for its displays. The Friends of Newcomb Central Schools International Student Group will be hosting its second and hopefully final fundraiser this year. It is a Little Caesar's pizza sale. We are beginning soon after the Class of 2009s Potato and Apple Sale. We trust you will support the Class of 2009, and will still have room in your freezer for some pizza. The Yearbook sold Little Caesars pizza last spring, but many people have asked us to do it twice a year. Thanks for your support! The Newcomb United Methodist Church is hosting its fabulous Dip Dinner, Oct. 20, from 5-7pm. If you've never attended, this has to be one of the top-10 culinary treats of the year. Huge selection of wonderful home cooked dishes, great company for a good cause. Make sure to mark on your calendar! Also, the Methodist Church will have it's annual Election Day Food Sale at the Fire Hall. For autumn events at the Newcomb VIC go to the website at http://www.adkvic.org/calendar.html Anyone wanting to reserve the Fire Hall can call the Rescue Building and talk to our EMTs team. The number is 4712. Check It Out
Fire Department/Rescue Squad Update We have positive news on the Emergency Medical Services front. Holly Bradway has been in place during the past month, working weekdays as our EMT Captain. Joe Connelly started with the department on Sept. 30 and will work Sunday afternoons through Tuesday mornings. Please welcome these two Individuals to our community. They bring a wealth of experience to our emergency medical response. Now that we have EMT's in place, volunteer ambulance drivers are always needed. We will be offering an emergency vehicle operators course on Dec. 8 and 9, in the fire hall. You need to be a Fire/Rescue Member to take the course. Fire/rescue squad meetings are the third Monday of each month at the fire hall, beginning at 7 pm.Our next Meeting is Oct. 15. Please mark your calendar. There is a position open for every member in the Community to volunteer in assisting others. Holly and Joe will be maintaining the Fire Hall reservation book. Please call them at 582-4712, if you need to schedule the Hall for an event. We appreciate your Support. Wes Miga Chamber of Commerce meeting and election of officers will be on Wednesday Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Meal Site. The Chamber is hosting its membership drive this month and will be electing new officers for the 2007/2008 year. Now is a great time to join. Meetings are fun, you get the latest on what all the businesses are doing and we need you! The chamber organizes TR Weekend, the Holiday Fair, the North Country Challenge Canoe Race, the Town-wide Garage Sale among many other events as well as publishing publications promoting the town. Get involved! NCS says it is time for another year of community education. Athletically, the school is offering basketball, volleyball, the exercise room, walking in the halls, and new this year, badminton. NCS is also considering two adult courses: Adirondack Crafts and International Cooking. These two classes are still being designed and we need your help. Please call the school if you are interested in the course or being a lecturer/teacher. It is very possible for a person to come and demonstrate a single craft or one international dish. If there is someone who wants to teach a series of crafts or dishes, that is also possible. Mr. Hults would like to hear from you, so please give him a call! Town Elections are coming up. Colin "Pete" Sharpe, Mike Tracy and George Fennessey are running for the two Town Board positions. Mary Pound and Donna Draper are running for the Town Clerk and it looks like George Canon will be running unopposed. The Newcomb Historical Society is looking for donations of tables, show cases, picture frames, any thing that can be used to display items. We are also looking for Newcomb, Santanoni, Tahawus and National Lead items for display at our museum. Call 582-2274 or stop by, we are still open 1-4 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Dina Kennedy is very excited to report that she has at last found a place to rent for her Energy Healing practice. She opened Sept. 19 in Olmstedville at the 4 corners in the building where the Little Nonys Bakery is. You can learn more at www.adksenergy.com. She's sorry she couldn't find a place in Newcomb, but that's still pretty close! First Reiki I class is Oct. 14 in the new office. Your Input, Please!
People seem to be more in favor of a town flea market at the fire hall instead of a town garage sale. This would give us one location for tables and food and townspeople could still have their own garage sale that day if they wanted. If more people could let me know what they think that would be great. We have to get the date on the town calendar in November. People can e-mail Nancy Tracy at ntracy50@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Joe Bruchac was a tremendous success. Thanks to everyone including the Class of 2010 for a wonderful dinner; the elementary teachers for the enlightening literacy night; and Mrs. Bush for organizing the Joe Bruchac event. Mr. Bruchac kept us all captivated with superb stories and insights into Code Talkers. Thank you Town of Newcomb for coming out and being part of an educational and inspirational evening! Skip Hults, NCS Superintendent Emmett and Pam McLoughlin thank all their wonderful Newcomb friends and neighbors for the cards, visits, calls, and prayers during Emmett's stay in the Glens Falls Hospital. A special thank you to the awesome staff and volunteers of the Newcomb Rescue Squad. From Maggie Alitz: Please let the people know, how much I appreciate their support for Aunt Polly's Material Girls. Especially, the Newcomb Quilter's. They have been great! More customers means more beautiful fabrics. Plus, I enjoy hearing their ideas and suggestions. To be successful you must listen to your customers. Thanks, to calling their friends in quilting people even from all the way from North Creek and Inlet ladies have visited my fabric shop. It's unbelievable how many have come from other towns. Thanks, to the vision of our community the Visitor Center with activities & High Peaks Golf Course has brought in many people to Newcomb; to see our shops. Regards, Maggie Alitz, Aunt Polly's Material Girls. Newcomb Friends Near and Far By Marvin Bissell
Cherry and her mother from Glens Falls were in looking for Glass Wax. (Cherry is daughter of Harold Rist, brother of Arnold) The Glass Wax Company has gone out of business. So if you have a can on your shelf, even an empty one, don't throw it out. Full ones are being offered at private sale for up to $69. Robert Hunter was in looking for data on the Gallagher clearing. His great great grandmother Sarah Hunter is buried at the upper works 1820-1870. Born in Scotland or Ireland. His great great-grandfather Robert was born in England or Ireland in 1816. They emigrated from Canada in 1840. He was a brick layer for 8 years then moved to Newcomb in 1848 and worked for Adirondack Iron Co. making bricks several years before he took charge of their property in 1860. He followed four of his kids to Michigan in 1872. Young Robert confirmed what other people have said. He doesn't know how many graves there are at the Upper Works but he knows some gravestones have been stolen. He doesn't know of any cemetery records. Pam Pooler was in town. Relatives of Tom and Ella Lafountain, with a Tallman daughter were in town from the Albany area. Thoughts, Prayers, Casseroles and Cards Remember all of our men and women serving in the armed services and those that lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001; the families of Harry Poulton and Romeo Bolduc; Dorothy and Ted Bush. Daughters Kelly and Pam have been home to help out. The Methodist Church will be opened during the day on Wednesdays for a time of prayer for our family, community, nation. All are welcome to come and talk to God about all your concerns. *Share with the Tattler * Sandy Bureau, e-mail bureaus@frontiernet.net, or call my home phone 582-2266 and leave a message. Write Box 193, Newcomb, NY 12852, or catch me around town. Remember, if you don't send it to me, it may never get in.

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