National Day of Climate Action

After over 1,400 communities held rallies on April 14 to ask congress to Step It Up and reduce carbon emmissions by 80 percent by 2050, the organizers continue to fight for action. On Nov. 3, a year before the next election, they are asking people to organize rallies large and small in their communities. The idea is to have the rally in a spot that commemorates great leaders of the past. People have already committed to climbing Mount Washington, said author Bill McKibben on the Step It Up Web site. Others will gather at the Rhode Island church where John F. Kennedy was married, or in front of a site honoring Navajo elder and activist Roberta Blackgoat. McKibben, one of the driving forces behind the Step It Up movement, said the point of having rallies in locations that honor historic leaders is to demand real leadership on the issue of global warming. Holding a rally in an area that bears the name of a national leader or of locally celebrated men and women who did the right thing in a moment of great need is the point. Youll know the person that makes sense in your city or townthey don't need to be saints, just true leaders, the kind who, faced with the great issues of their day, didn't punt or compromise, McKibben said. Intensifying storms, increasing temperatures and rising sea levels are already happening, faster than predicted, and the Step It Up movement sees the need for immediate action. Shaken scientists see every prediction about the future surpassed by events, McKibben said. We are all used to talking about these impacts coming in the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren. Now we know that it's us." On Nov. 3, Americans will demand real leadership on global warming, rallying in communities coast to coast and inviting politicians to join them. We'll see who rises to the occasion and who has a real plan to tackle the defining challenge of our time, said McKibben. One year before the election, let's make sure the world witnesses our national call to action. Step it Up has partnered with 1Sky, a new initiative that includes comprehensive science-based priorities to overcome global warming crisis. An economy that relies on green energy needs green jobs and as investments feed the growth of a new, clean energy economy, it will finally be time to replace the old debate of "jobs vs. the environment" by investing in "jobs for the environment." The 1Sky movement says that the country needs a new American green dream that includes everyone in this growing vision of peace an prosperity. Americans need to be fighting for global warming solutions as a whole nation, with solutions that match the scale of the problem. After 20 years of inaction the race is finally underway, McKibben said. Global warming has a huge head start; the sprint to catch up is the story of our time. For more information on the Step It Up movement, visit stepitup.org .

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