Face painting is harmless fun

To the Editor: I keep trying to tell myself that the column about facepainting was meant to be funny and that I shouldn't take it seriously. However, given the fact that I have spent thousands (literally) of dollars on training and equipment in order to provide children with an experience that is pleasant and an opportunity to act out their fantasies, I just can't laugh at what you have written. The materials I use are incredibly expensive. Of the 24 colors of paints (all cosmetic quality with FDA compliant dyes) in my current pallet; one cost $32, seven cost $24 and the rest cost $12 apiece. In addition to my paint, there are my brushes ($24 and up apiece), my glitter (also cosmetic quality), and the dozens of other items that I use. The parents who bring their children to be painted pay a siginificant amount of money for my service. Even in venues where I am only allowed to work for tips, my average payment is $5. I would never paint a child who didn't want to be painted - nor would any reputable face artist that I know! Is facepainting becoming pandemic (look it up, bud!)? Yes! It is a wonderful, fun, harmless experience for young and old. Do I resent having my business trashed? You're darned right I do! Sue Ferdinand
Diamond Point, NY

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