CFL bulbs

To the editor:

Your July 28 story about CFL bulbs neglected to mention that all fluorescent bulbs have needed special handling. I question your alarmist headline: CFL bulbs: toxic bombs. My experience in the energy arena has been since the late 1980s in the fight against the foolish and regrettable decision to buy electricity from Hydro Quebec... Hydro Quebec asserted that Quebecers should not use CLFs because they generate heat like regular (incandescent) bulbs do. Im not sure if your article is part of a trend or unique to the Eagle?

Jim Higgins

The editor replies: The Eagle story was based on several recent EPA news releases and accompanying warnings we received about the dangers of mercury inside CFL bulbs. Exposure to mercury, a toxic metal, can affect the brain, spinal cord, kidney and liver, while causing symptoms such as trembling hands, memory loss, and difficulty moving.

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