This Week's Review: "Eastern Promises"

Initially I chuckled but after a few minutes I had to inquire. How exactly is that poster going to work wonders for us? I asked. The smile on his face made it obvious that he hoped I was going to ask the question.

As it turned out, my new roommates cousin had given him a valuable tip prior to his departure to college: Put a gangster poster on your door and the other guys in the dorm will instantly respect you. He also stated that any girls walking by would be immediately intrigued due to their innate desire for danger. All of this made sense to me on some weird level except for the fact that my roommate looked more like Buster Brown than Vito Corleone.

Nevertheless, I went along with the hypothesis. And while I doubt that any dates I went on during freshman year resulted from Marlon Brando being taped to my door, I will admit that no one every stole anything out of our room while he stood watch.

The fact is movie gangsters have always provided a specific allure. Walk around college campuses today and youll still find hundreds of gangster posters hanging in dorm rooms, from Scarfaces Tony Montoya to Pulp Fictions Vincent and Jules. But now its time to add another tough guy to the list. In this weeks feature, Eastern Promises, actor Viggo Mortensen portrays a Russian mobster named Nikolai. Mortensens turn as a ruthless gangster is so good that he may be the next famous face to grace collegiate walls.

Eastern Promises is the story of one mans quest to rise to the top of an organized crime ring based in London. The group is very old with far reaching loyalties but as Nikolai quickly learns, there is always a place for a newcomer with a corrupted soul and little fear.

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