Peace and Justice Center Honors Ed Everts

He also, and perhaps most significantly, produced 662 episodes of the Peace and Justice Review, a weekly television program about peace and justice issues on public access, Channel 15. The show first appeared in September 1992, and aired the final episode produced by Ed in March 2007.

After his service in World War II, Mr. Everts joined and has remained an active member of the Veterans for Peace. In an interview with the Vermont Times-Sentinel, Mr. Everts said, My military experience was one step that made me move to the left.

When Ed began receiving his Air Force pension in 1987, he immediately started donating this money to the Peace and Justice Center with the idea of turning swords into plowshares.

Mr. Everts is also a hearty word traveler, having visited over 120 countries in his life. He said that he met, such a group of people and theyre all about the same. They all want peace and justice, a job, and some scope to do what they want to do.

Building on this, Mr. Everts claimed, If you want peace, this [the current attitude of the US government and military] isnt going to do it. The people who run this country want a war economy, and they have unparalleled access to the media and the methods of communication to paint us as the good guys.

Speaking on the interconnectedness of peace and justice, Mr. Everts stated, If you dont have justice, youre not going to get peace, because without justice someone will always be treating some other person brutally, and that other person will always be looking to strike back.

The old saying, said Mr. Everts, is you cant have one [peace or justice] without the other.

Join the Peace and Justice Center! Mr. Everts stated in an open message to all who read this article. They are always on the lookout for more members. They serve a community who is hard-up, and they help give a voice to the voiceless. And if any veterans want to join the Veterans for Peace, contact me.

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