Local artists on display at the Coach Barn

SHELBURNE The Shelburne Farms Art Gallery, located at the Coach Barn, is currently hosting the work of two local artists.

Citizens can view the works of Miriam Andrews, of Hinesburg, and Tad Spurgeon, of Charlotte up through October 21, in an exhibition celebrating 20 years of art at the Coach Barn.

Andrews, who works in watercolor and graphite, is showcasing beautiful and subtle works such as Daisies and Ophelias Thoughts. According to Andrews, her work comes from a deep love of drawing.

Forms and shapes are derived from nature in an exploration of line, she tells her viewers. Movement, relationships, emotions. The goal is to focus in and create a heightened awareness of both exterior and interior worlds.

Spurgeons work is both simple and deeply intricate at the same time. In the Mugello, and Water Meadows offer sharp and detailed landscapes, whereas works like Cheese and Dandelions are exactly what the titles suggest: paintings of cheese and dandelions. However, all of his work seems to be searching for more than just a representation of familiar things.

Mundanely, writes Spurgeon, Im interested in the materials and techniques of older painting. These have proved a fascinating study and have offered a welcome window into a calmer world. At another level, Im interested in the code or un-language of nature which has been hidden in plain sight. By combining the two in various ways, I hope to take realism beyond itself, so the paintings are in the world but not of it.

For a full list of artists currently on display at the Coach Barn or for more information, call 985-8686 or visit www.shelburnefarms.org

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