It's coming, and you can't stop it

Please listen to me here if you would because listening to me here will help soften the blow of exasperation you might feel at the sight or sound of its first sign, which could come immediately after you finish this note. Or it may have come just before you started this note, or tonight, or tomorrow morning.

Once youve seen first sign itll seem like its constant. Let me just say again, knowing, or at least being pre-aware, will let the first slap lite upon you more gently, because sometimes its not the actual thing thats all that bad, say a cold, but instead, the bad thing can be the initial realization that youre catching it and itll be with you a while.

So in this case, my warning to you is friendly and meaningful and not perhaps of the thing itself, but maybe just of its inevitable initial arrival Im pretty sure. Yup, dont fight it when you see first sign, dont fight it, just accept it and try to make a pact with it that youll ignore it for a very good handful of hours, days, and weeks, until you will want to fully acknowledge it.

Back to what its worth. I dont know. I used to know, when there was more belief and constraint, and I was younger, but now I just dont know what it is at all, or not so much anyway. Im sad about that fact too.

Things do exist in life though that happen for no reason. War. But this isnt bad like War, its just made up, which all things are, even love, but theres a reason for love (This thing is definitely in the love family), but theres not much reason for this thing as it lives these days unless you believe, which as I said before, fewer and fewer people do.

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