It's coming, and you can't stop it

We go about our lives as if it isnt near, but it is. Its coming. Its going to start. While you sleep, it creeps. Its happening as youre reading this, and while youre reading this you would be, if I told you what it was, willing to agree that its coming, yet you are clueless as to how swiftly it moves. Get ready. The next time you brush your teeth; it takes a giant leap nearer. On the phone to your kid at college or your grand mammy up the road, it runs steps toward you with such vigor that alone sitting quietly in the woods a deaf man could hear the speed at which it hums.

Youll be surprised when you first see the sign, but dont be, because its not that we ought be frightened, mad, or disgusted (maybe disgusted), its just that we should be on guard. Its been working its way toward us, in some realm of creation, non-stop, for nine and a half months. Its relentless, theres not a weapon, country, god, dictator, or disease that can stop it. Money is spent to get it here, lots and lots of money, and when it gets here thats all it is, money, its nothing else, I dont think, unless you believe, and few do these days I hear, so if what I hear is true, I dont know what it really, truly is, this thing that is coming.

What the heck am I talking about? Im telling you its coming, but you might already have seen signs. I havent, and if youre like me and havent seen signs, let these words from me be your sign that its coming, and by itself its course to its arrival isnt a bad thing all in all, and actually can be a great thing (I have loved it on my terms, and can love it still), its just that you have to build some ballast to last well during its presence, because it can wind you.

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