VSBA rubber stamp

To the Editor:

Re: Letters to the editor from Martin Harris and Jim Callahan in last weeks Eagle: Hey guys, dont be too hard on Junius Calitri. Hes not completely wrong. In fact, he is right on when he says that we cannot afford not to allow voters to make that determination (the ROI) without the impediment of thoughtless laws. (Sept. 29, 2007) I have always said, If you want something really screwed up just get government involved.

I sympathize with your concern that if we keep lowering the standards every idiot will eventually be ranked as a genius. But let us not forget that the VSBA is made up entirely of presidents and a few chairmen. There are no workers! Just us bigwigs are allowed in here.

Yes, the VSBA does siphon a lot of money from the education system through dues collected from all of the town and union school boards. It does, however, mean to be helpful but they are woefully ineffective because nobody listens to them anyway.

You also must remember that there are no independent thinkers in the VSBA. The VSBA members get their information (propaganda) and opinions force-fed to them by the federals, the state board of education, and in particular, the superintendents running the schools and boards with an iron hand. The boards are simply rubber stamps to create the illusion that public is still in charge.

I believe that when the situation gets bad enough there will be a taxpayer/parent revolt and we will elect board members that will stand up and demand that Johnny be taught to read, write, and make change at a reasonable cost. Perhaps board members will be elected that are willing to work rather then just occupy a seat (sometimes part time), collect their full pay, promote their personal interest and acquire an prominent title such as president or chairman.

I apologize if I sound to you like a dreaming optimist, but I strongly disagree with Commissioner Richard Cates white paper and I truly believe that an enlightened public is capable of fixing the problem.

Although Mr. Calitri may have been bamboozled by the powers that be, I still agree with him what we need is effective school boards and not more laws.

R.E. Merrill

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