Route 116 sandpit

To the Editor:

Last Monday, a hearing was held in East Middlebury to talk about the expansion of the sandpit off Schoolhouse Hill Road. I was not there, but I watched it on MCTV.

(Guess what?) I was able to reduce my carbon footprint. For safety reasons, the Hill Road should be dug off and moved north. The active pit could be dug back, making the playground larger and safer. If the east part of the airport was converted to an industrial zone, sand could be trucked up the original county road. By moving Route 125 to North Branch Road, log trucks and other north/south freight could be diverted.

Think of all the fun telling the local businessperson how to spend his profits made by working eighteen hour days for forty years? At the same time providing needed services, jobs, as well as taxes to support public employees who go to hearings to talk about the good old days .

If things are that good why not deport all the newcomers after they recycle their homes, streets, etc.?

P.S. Thank you for your concern about my health. The ambulance was just a precautionary measure and the scanner was someone looking for excitement.

David Foster
The Farmers Son

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