Deer, deer and more...

Deer, deer and more...
A buddy of mine was sitting in his car at his mailbox the other day, rifling through the daily drivel of credit card offers and sweepstakes promotions when his passenger-side window abruptly imploded, showering him with glass.

Stunned, he threw his driver-side door open and stepped out, just in time to see a young buck gather itself from the ground and bound away into the forest.

The deer had run headlong into the passenger side of his SUV, denting the door and shattering the window, while he sat at the end of his driveway in a heavily populated area of town.

Deer-vehicle collisions are certainly not uncommon here, but the frequency of them may reach an all-time high this year. Its no surprise why deer numbers are also pushing an all-time high.

Ed Reed, a wildlife biologist with the DEC, said deer have had it pretty easy over the last three years.

The past three winters have been fairly mild, so the deer have survived in good condition and have had good breeding success, Reed said.

Reed said sportsmen and nonsportsmen are reporting unparalleled numbers of deer on the road and in the woods a fact he has witnessed firsthand.

I have seen more deer this year than ever before in this area [Lake Placid], and many people are saying the same thing all over the North Country, he said.

I expect a heavy deer take this fall, he said.

I would most certainly echo that prediction. During my first few outings in my favorite bow stand I must have have seen half a dozen deer. This, mind you, in a region where Ive sat for days on end watching nothing but red squirrels scamper by.

I did connect on a spike horn opening dayand passed up numerous other opportunities. The smell of roasting venison is again wafting through my humble abode. Life is good.

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