Thoughts on the recent moose incident:

The animal was in full rut. This is the period when many of an animals senses are compromised and attacks on humans are not unheard of. Prior to the involvement by Fish and Wildlife, a nearby teacher had taken her young students for a closer look at the moose exercising an incredible lapse in judgment. If a teacher, who has the safety of her students closest to her heart thinks this way, what would other people have thought?

Moose are not rare in Vermont. They are not endangered. In fact, many people believe there are too many of them. Just because they are not commonly seen around Chittenden County is no reason to assume there is a shortage of them. They are not seen there for a reason. Primarily, it is not suitable habitat. The fact this moose was there in the first place indicates a defect.

For what it is worth, in my opinion we should be thanking Fish and Wildlife for putting our safety at the forefront of their thought process. Their professionalism, and that of the responding wardens, should be applauded.

Kyle Scanlon,

Kyle Scanlon is the editor of Outdoors Magazine, a regional publication based in Colchester.

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