Spend your vacation with our ghosts

In 1791, the Republic of Vermont became the first of the non-13 colonies to join the Union. As the 14th state, that gives it a unique part in our nations history. The territory that eventually became Vermont was originally settled in the 1600s by French and English settlers, and was a part of New York and New Hampshire.

During the French and Indian, Revolutionary and 1812 wars, Vermont was very active in the conflicts. A large number of forts and other military posts were established in Vermont, and after the various conflicts ended, were not longer needed.

Agriculture, iron furnaces, railroad expansion and logging also became big industries, and a number of communities based on those economies popped up around the state. Mining was not a major industry, but enough mines did develop that a few mining camps and mining towns grew up and faded away as the mines pinched out.

Then there are the resorts and spas, which grew up around mineral springs. Vermont had well over 100 such locations, with nearly a third of them with hotels or bathhouses where folks could stay for a time while they partook of the waters. Most of these locations are now abandoned, and mostly forgotten.

During Vermonts three centuries of settlement, many other towns grew up and died, adding many interesting and unique locations to the growing roster of ghosts that were out to discover and share

Essex County
This community was in the northeast part of state, near Island Pond. It was disenfranchised in 1963. Look for a few cellar holes and the rusting remains of a Ford Model T.

Caledonia County
This is a real treasure hunt. The exact location of this old Caledonia County resort is not determined. Start with the county clerks office for a map and clues to its whereabouts. A legend of buried Civil War-era silver coins worth $40,000 at the resort may provide some payback for searchers.

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