Practice makes perfect

I took a few months worth of guitar lessons four years ago from a guitar virtuoso. Hes very well known and respected within the world of expert guitar players. Hes also well known around our little area. At one of my first lessons I asked him how often he comes across a student who just doesnt have it. I wondered how many times hes had to tell someone who hoped to learn to play the guitar, that their time would be much better spent put to something else.

He told me that in thirty years and hundreds and hundreds of clients hed had only two cases where he had to tell a person they dont, and wont, have any ability to play the guitar. Thats an uplifting statistic. He told me other than those two folks, everyone hes met as a teacher, if they put time and effort in, had the potential to become a guitar player. Of course there is a sliding scale as to the end result and how it relates to the level any player can reach.

After first being struck surprised by his statement, I slowly understood the lesson was that if you do something at least somewhat regularly over a period of time, and you want it badly enough, you can learn to do most anything.

I thought about it and realized that the theory has shown itself true for myself and my friends and families lives throughout the years.

My mom and dad are obviously from a generation almost twice removed (my dad yes, twice removed) from television remotes. Yet did they both over a bit of time learn to operate a television remote? Yes.

My sister wasnt into going to the gym until recently. She goes now and understands very well the proper way to exercise, whether its how to breath during sets, or how to safely and effectively use the weight equipment. Ten years ago she wouldnt have had a clue, but shes wanted to be healthier, so shes learned about how to make it happen.

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