Newhart was T.V.'s comedic country inn

In 1983, the Leslie character was replaced by her spoiled and shallow cousin Stephanie. That same year, Kirk married Cindy, a circus clown, and they moved to Europe at the beginning of the shows third season in 1984.

Characters Michael and Stephanie later fell in love and eventually married and had a baby, also named Stephanie.

The unnamed Vermont village that provided this show's setting was populated by eccentric characters such as Chester Wanamaker; Jim Dixon; Bev Dutton, the no-nonsense manager of ficitional Channel 8 (from which "Vermont Today" originated); andlast but not leastLarry, Darryl and Darryl, three surprisingly cultured Vermont woodsmen.

Ironically, in spite of the shows closing in September 1990, most out-of-town guests at the Waybury today are unaware of the inns connection to Newhart.

Newhart vanished soon after its final episode airedthe program hasnt had much of a rerun life since. Selected episodes were once available on VHS video for die-hard fans, but the videotapes are no longer distributed although a DVD version may be available in 2008. Currently, Newhart is only broadcast in Canada.

Despite its demise, the spirit of Newhart lives on. You can still encounter the memories of the Newhart gang at the Waybury Inn.

Thanks to TV Tome.com and Bob-Newhart.com for providing the framework for this story.

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