Ti merchants should be proud

To the Times of Ti: The merchants of downtown Ticonderoga should be proud of the wonderful display of kindness and caring that they exhibited on Oct. 31. Although the practice of treating the youth of our area to free treats has been on-going for many years, I had not had the opportunity to participate in this yearly ritual. When it was decided that my wife and I would undertake this precarious journey into the land of witches and goblins, we would need to make our visit legal by face painting and costuming our 16-month-old grandson. With much trepidation, we secured our goblin in his car seat and headed into the unknown. After parking and unloading our cargo into his stroller, we entered the land of promised adventure and anticipated treats. Now, a mature and older adult would presume that there was a ulterior motive for this display of generosity and goodwill. Would it be a sales promotion in each store? Would we be offered coupons to make us return to shop out of guilty feelings for excepting a free gift? The old adage goes There is no such thing as a free lunch. Or in this case, free candy. Our first stop was the Burleigh Luncheonette. Now remember, this store closes around 3:15 and this was about 3:45 p.m. The owner and employees cared enough about our children to stay after hours to give out treats and a smile. Fighting our way up the street, we stopped at each merchant to take advantage of their offerings and enjoy the costumes of the other trick or treaters. Everywhere we stopped, we received a generous amount of treats and a smile to go with them. Our little goblin got quite excited about the many costumes he saw but his reaction to the Sparky the Fire Dog at the fire house and the display of scarecrows at the Gunning Insurance office was worth the trip in itself. The downtown merchants should be thanked by everyone who took advantage of their generosity toward our children. I, for one, was impressed that not one merchant even suggested, in any way, that there was any obligation to shop or return to purchase anything from this event. In fact, most treats were given away outside the store by costumed greeters. Even the man in the mask at the Community Building had no agenda. Its great living in a small town where people still care and expect nothing for it. I guess I missed the day of free giving that happened in the other part of town. When I need something that I can get downtown, thats where youll find me. Daniel and Angie Crossman

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