Planned Parenthood propaganda problem

To the editor: Your 11/17 edition carried a propaganda piece attributed to Planned Parenthood's local spin-doctor, Ms. Wunderlich, decrying abstinence programs to prevent unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. She also extolled the use of condoms and "comprehensive sex education" for our young people. Planned Parenthood relies heavily on the sale of condoms and the abortions subsequent to their failure for its considerable income. National Planned Parenthood recently announced that they committed well over a quarter of a million abortions for the last reporting year. This is over 5,000 of God's pre-born children killed every week. This is more than the number of our armed forces killed in the entire six years of the war on terror. In spite of their huge involvement in abortion, they refuse to properly define what an abortion is. The Christian definition of abortion is: "a direct lethal assault on an innocent pre-born human being." They have been unable to refute this definition. Abstinence programs are effective and obviously hurting abortion revenue at Planned Parenthood. A prominent moral theologian once stated, "Those who support Planned Parenthood fall into one of three categories. They are either uninformed, misinformed, or totally amoral. Bernard T. Duffy,
Rouses Point

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