North River Methodist Church Needs Your Help

NORTH RIVER There is a little Church in the hamlet of North River that is about to die. This is at a time that our community could really use the support and nurturing that a living church could give. Why is this church not supported? It is a time in our society that we are all suspicious of churches. Many of us see how organized religion has failed. Church is where people come together and share. They share their spirituality, concerns of the world, concerns about the earth and their joys and sorrows of life. They share community. The North River Methodist Church recently met with a group interested in bringing people back to this little community church. The Reverend Clayton Burgess presided over the meeting. It was decided that a questionnaire would be sent out to all residences in the hamlet of North River to ask for their input and help in reviving this church If we are to keep this church alive we need to look at why people are not coming. Is it they are too busy? Is it that they are afraid or is it that they do not believe in a higher power. Call him God or call her Mother Nature, it does not matter, we think most people believe. Church gives us an hour of reflection on our week and our lives. It helps with the direction of our lives and gives our spirits a lift. If you would like to explore the opportunity to keep the North River Church alive please fill in your questionnaire or call Judy at 251-3368 or Sandy at 251-2883

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