NFL Picks: Patsies will fall to the Eagles

It was the best of times, well, you know the rest. The bad news was the Giants loss to the Girls two weeks ago. The good news is that I was out of town that week and avoided all sorts of grief from certain individuals namely a great man and Holcombville neighbor. Im actually quite surprised I didnt find any stars painted on my lawn or worse, on my house upon my return. Thanks, Mike!

Equally as painful as the loss was the horrendous 4-10 record I posted. Id be really embarrassed by it, if it werent for sub-par performance by most of the rest of our picking crew. That is, of course, for your illustrious Managing Editor, John Gereau. Somehow, some way, he managed to go 11-3 in Week 10. The general consensus is hes picking teams based on how pretty their uniforms are. He also led the way in Week 11, tied with Ed Aldous at 14-2, which was more than enough to catapult Gereau back into first place.

Its hard for me to be mad at John, since he did such a fine job writing this column last week. And not one mention of killing an animal. Well done.

Week 12 features three Thanksgiving Day games, so remember to get your pick in on time. The only game of significance is the Green Bay/Detroit match-up. Id like to see the Lions knock the Pack down a peg, but I dont see that happening. Id REALLY like to see Gang Green put a hurtin on the Cowgirls, but thats not very likely either. And Atlanta doesnt have a prayer against the Colts.

Of course, The New York Football Giants will handily defeat the Vikes on Sunday. There are a bunch of other games Im struggling with: Houston/Cleveland, New Orleans/Carolina, and Oakland/Kansas City to name three. Since I dont have a coin handy, and obviously cant pick to save my life, Im taking the home team in each.

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