Johnsburg EMS offers chance to learn important lessons

JOHNSBURG The EMS tip for the month concerns an accident scene on the highway. What should you do if you're driving down the road and are the first person to come upon an accident scene? Stay tuned for the answer. Johnsburg EMS transported 40 patients between Johnsburg and the hospital during October. Twenty-nine squad members contributed to this service of providing emergency medical care. Paramedic John Kindred led the way this month with 15 trips in the ambulance. Lenny Waters was second with 11 trips, while Danielle Leddick and Joe Connolly each made 9 trips. Many people help in large or in small ways with this effort. If you can help, contact any squad member, stop at the squad building at the corner of route 8 and Peaceful Valley Road, or call the squad building at 251-2244. Membership in the squad gives you free EMS training and practice, including knowing what to do to help people at an accident scene. If you are first on the scene, remember to keep a level head and to not put yourself at undue risk. Someone needs to call 9-1-1 to tell the dispatcher the location of the accident and how many people are injured. Someone needs to warn oncoming traffic in both directions about the accident. To learn more, join the squad!

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