Can anyone care enough to complain about the fact that no effort has been announced regarding the thieves who stripped birch bark in Essex Township and in the process, destroyed 100+ birches? Do you know how few birch bark buyers there are in this country? I do. Maybe I should pass this info on to law enforcement since it took 5 minutes to find this info on the internet (yes, this is a prepositional phrase). Its not too late to join STAT (Save Turkeys from Anguish on Thanksgiving). So to all you turkeys, may you not be Thanksgiving leftovers. Speaking of Thanksgiving, does anyone know how many Pilgrim descendents live in Essex? Check with Phoebe, Norma, and Shirley during the Sunday Coffee Hour at the Methodist Church or Marge Cammack at the other place. Oh, also in Methodist Church News Tom Carrick reminded me that the Peasant Valley Chorale will be doing a winter concert in that church at 7.30 on December 7th. Now listen- up everyone, the concert is not at Foothills Baptist Church. I have so spoken... I hope they will sing Lets Remember Pearl Harbor as we did the Alamo. Speaking of singers, did you watch Jessica Fletcher making goo goo eyes at George Hearn on TV last week? Sorry about the confusion over the Square Dance at the Whallonsburg Grange. I am also sorry that the Election Day Supper did not occur for the first time in over 70+ years. The real reason (not the loss of recipes) is that a righteous Health Department swat team was lurking next to the septic tanks waiting to sally forth (or was it to snack?). In specific Essex news, I guess I should not have provoked the concerned citizen several weeks ago. It struck again by calling in DEC on the Transfer Site burning located 4 miles from my house. Who can guess when this personage will strike again? Everyone is pleased that Rev. Barbara Hoffman has recovered from surgery and is at home. Tom and Cory Gillilland returned from a visit with their daughter Ruth in NYC. Ruth is not only a highly ranked UNESCO executive but she is posted in Rome where she jogs along the Apian Way looking for crucified beheaded criminals. Finally, to appease angry readers, I will not use the I word next week, nor will tell you that John Ferry and Jan Akens used the ferry Monday to celebrate their anniversary.

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