Vermont's tax revolt is now online

I believe that it is more than a coincidence that as we learn that the Vermont Legislatures report on tax burden has been rigged to provide room for more taxes that Vermonters are actively creating ways to bring some common sense to the public policy arena. One such Vermonter is Tom Lecata, who I met last summer (2006) during my run for Congress in Vermont. I have high appreciation for Tom and his perspective and most importantly for his willingness to invest his time and money to bring attention to Vermonts unsustainable high tax burden. Toms web site (www.VermontTaxRevolt.org) provides a tax revolt petition, with an opportunity for comments to go to those elected to steer our state. I signed the petition last week and left my comment for our legislature and governor. I truly hope you will consider doing the same. As someone whose business has been greatly affected by the tax climate in Vermont, namely seeing most of my Vermont customer base leave Vermont, I do not believe it is possible overstate this problem. When customers leave, it is only a matter of time before those who served these customers have to leave, even people who have generational roots in Vermont. That is precisely our present personal situation and that of many many other Vermonters. It is why Vermont is the fastest aging state in the nation. It is why Vermont senior citizens pay so much in taxes; seniors are fast becoming the only Vermonters left to tax. Vermont has so much potential, but this potential is being squandered by our elected leaders. Lets join Tom and others who are trying to put the spotlight on this very real problem in Vermont.

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