What are you worth?

Do you make enough money? Wait, thats not what I want to ask. I want to ask, are you making the money youre worth? Yeah, thats it, thats whats important in the world of compensation. Are you getting, in the existing market place, for the job you are doing at your job, what youre worth? Difficult to know what youre worth, but it would be nice if you were secure with the fact youre paycheck, whether its every week, or every other week, or once a month, carries with it every penny you deserve. Difficult to know because you dont have an agent like Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens. They can be dang sure what the market can bear because they pay someone 10% (I think its 10 percent - or its negotiable), to find out. Thats great huh? Imagine if you could give one tenth of your pay to someone who was well versed and hard nosed enough to dig into your bosses business and find out exactly his or her overhead to run that business, and find out just the precise amount of money they can send your way, assuming youre doing your job to 100 percent. Well, even Alex and Roger screw up, so yeah, you dont have to be doing your job 100 percent, maybe only 75 percent and still get the max pay. But still, pay someone $100 out of your $1,000 a week to get you that $1,000 instead of the $847 the boss would pay you, and youve made $63 extra, which is a good amount of money, especially multiplied by 52 weeks. $3,276. Problem is Im fairly sure there arent people going around representing gas jockeys. My client, Billy-Jo-Stevens can pump gas. Billy-Jo dont top off ever. Windshield cleaning? Billy-Jo cleans a clients windshield, its clean. No streaks, no bee gut. A Billy-Jo clean-job saves accidents from happening, which keeps traffic flowing, which means people are driving more miles faster, which sells more gas, which puts more money in your pocket, which means Billy-Jo is worth almost twice what you pay him now. You dont raise him from $5 to $10, well well see, I might just walk my client on across the street to the Mobil. If you feel like you may be under paid and want to ask for more, the first thing youll want to do is research what other comparable jobs are paying elsewhere, because when you go to your boss, or supervisor, you want to be confident in what youre asking for. If your research (Could be simple as telling a friend what youre getting for a job thats similar to theirs and asking them if they feel your pay is fair and near theirs dont ever ask anyone what they get paid, its rude), from the internet or wherever can provide fairly accurate figures, shows you pay lower than others doing the same job, my advise is, DO NOT hesitate going to your employer and asking them for a raise. Some folks will ask a friend what they paid for their house, or car. Some will tell you rather intimate details of their relationship. Some will let you in on the latest gastronomic seizures theyve been to battle with. Those same folks wont go into their bosss office and so much as even suggest they be paid more for the great job theyre doing. Its a weird thing money. Its like nudity. We all want more of it, but were afraid to ask. This has been a public service announcement from the desk of a self-employed naked guy.

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