What a long store trip it's been

Paulie and I start our crusade by grabbing a box of Good Humor brand Strawberry Shortcake ice cream pops which we proceed to eat while we shop. (Yes, even gourmet cooks eat junk food once in awhile) As we take out the lists, we realize that we only have two of them! Mrs. Andersons birthday party list was left behind! That means wed have to come back and shop after the post-concert meal which we anticipate to be around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. This brings us to RULE #1: Never leave home without your shopping list(s)!

One of the toughest things to shop for is produce. You always want to pick the very best the store or market has to offer. This time around it took longer than usual because a number of members in Bob Weirs band RatDog were vegetarians and I wanted to create a very special salad that stood out from the norm. I chose a mixture of Boston leaf lettuce, escarole, red leaf lettuce, sugar snap peas, tiny baby carrots, delicate onion sprouts, baby cucumbers, and orange cauliflower. That took forty-five minutes! exclaimed Paulie, The Strawberry Shortcakes are melted! RULE #2: Picking out quality fare hath no time limits!

An hour later we were finished and armed with a moveable feast of eggplants, salads, and other vegetarian delights. All we needed now was fresh salmon and I entrusted that feat to Erin, who would scour the market in Boston early Saturday and bring the fish along for a four-hour drive in an ice filled cooler. RULE #3: (With apologies to Price Chopper) Lets face it, if you want fresh fish, you must go to the ocean and not the mountains unless of course you will be using some of our wonderful fresh-water varieties caught with your own pole. There are exceptions though: flash frozen (on the boat) fish are a good alternative to driving over 231 miles, but we are fanatics when it comes to very fresh fish!

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