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The warm weather of September was followed by a record breaking warm October as the average temperature climbed above 50 degrees for the first time on record. The average high temperature was 61.7 degrees and the average low was 42.6 degrees giving an overall average of 52.2 degrees, 6.2 degrees above normal and the first time on record the average has been above 50 degrees. The old record warm month was in 1984 when the average was 49 degrees. The coldest October on record was in 1988 when the average was 43 degrees. Last year the average was a cold 45.7 degrees. The highest temperature, 80 degrees, was recorded on the 6th and the coldest temperature, 23 degrees, was recorded on the 29th. The first frost here in Riparius was on the 26th when the temperature reached 32 degrees. This is the latest on record as the previous date for a first frost was October 20th. The average date for the first frost is September 26th. This is the sixth year in a row when the first frost has occurred in October. Previous to this string of October first frosts, the first frost had occurred in October only four times in the previous 21 years. Precipitation was also above normal with 5.78 inches recorded, 1.94 inches above normal. This was the 6th wettest on record. The previous record was 9.21 inches recorded in 1995. The driest year was in 1994 when only 0.39 inches was recorded. Measurable precipitation fell on 12 days with the greatest amount, 1.41 inches , falling over a two day span of the 27rh and 28th. This brings our seasonal total to 32.73 inches, 1.83 inches below the normal amount of 34.60. The excess rainfall this month should start to make up for the lack of rainfall this Summer and begin to fill up groundwater before the ground freezes. The river reached its highest level, 5.32 feet, on the 25th and its lowest level, 2.4 feet, on the 5th.

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