Tax revolt

To the Editor: This is a follow-up to my previous open letter to all Vermont lawmakers. Go to the web site www.VermontTaxRevolt.org and pay close attention to the comments left by the citizens signing the petition. This petition is gaining steam with many additional signatures daily. Vermonters are sick and tired of you doing nothing to lower taxes. Instead, you add new socialist programs, i.e., government-paid health care, pre-K, etc., resulting in increasing the tax burden. The Constitution is clear regarding the actual role of government; which is, protecting life, liberty and property. I wonder just how many of you have even read the Constitution. Also, there is another web site with a petition which has many signatures and comments from Vermonters. Go to www.RevoltandRepeal.com. To our legislators: When you return to Montpelier in January, keep in mind the reason the voters sent you there; because you work for us (not for your pet special interest groups). Marge Day
Saint Albans

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