NFL Picks: Man I hate Dallas

Man I hate Dallas. Hate them almost as much as the Red Sox. Just seems like theyve got players that are easy to hate. Youve got that dreadlock-sporting Manny Ramirez chasing down pop flies with his back pocket flapping in the breeze. His batting helmet looks like he lost a fight with a can of axle grease.

Then youve got smiling Tony Romo and his glory hound side-kick Terell Owens. I met Owens a couple times when he was attempting to play semi-pro basketball on a team in Glens Falls. Emphasis on attempting. Hes a bigger jerk in person.

Im not saying these things simply because Dallas beat my Giants last Sunday to take sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

Im not saying it because it was the second time this season that we got upended by the Cowgirls, or because they snapped our six-game winning streak.

Nope. That would be sour grapes.

Im saying it because we most likely will face Dallas again in the playoffs, and I want to retain all this pent up aggression toward Americas Team.

After the copious trash talk coming from the guys in white following Sundays game, I doubt Im the only one looking for revenge.

Hopefully, Gibril Wilson told a Newsday reporter the day after the game, we'll see them again.

Amen to that. Id like nothing better than to see the Boys in Blue wipe that smile off Romos pretty-boy mug.

Looking ahead our schedule doesnt get much easier. On Sunday we face the suddenly dangerous 6-3 Lions, who also have playoff aspirations. Should be a good battle, but I predict a relatively easy victory. Detroits been playing over its head, as was evidenced by their 31-21 meltdown against the Arizona Chickadees last week.

Week 11 should be one of blowouts at least if you believe the bookies in Vegas. The latest line has Indy over KC by 14; Philly over the Phins by 10; New England over the Bison by 15; the Cowgirls over the Skins by 10; Pittsburgh over the floundering Jets by 9 and the Pack over Carolina by 10.

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