Mill Creek Musings

Thanksgiving musings I saw a flock of wild turkeys alongside the road in North River. It reminded me of a recent Close to Home comic which showed a turkey on the analysts couch. The comment was, Well, it is common for folks to feel a sense of doom in the fall. The shorter days, falling leaves, dank weather can all trigger a case of the blues. Of course, the analyst was missing the point. The turkey was justified in being depressed. He knew he might well end up as the main course on someones Thanksgiving dinner table. At this time of year, when darkness closes in at 5 p.m., we could easily succumb to that turkeys mental state. Except that this is also a time for thankfulness. Lets begin by being thankful that were not turkeys. We have our health, our home, family and friends with which to share our Thanksgiving dinner. Id like to add to this list a few visual and sensual wonders: The beauty of a sunset, or a rainbow, sunshine, clouds and vapor trails, rain to refill our reservoirs and, yes, snow for skiing. While we are tucked in our beds, asleep, Jack Frost is busy tattooing his designs on our car windshields. After the brilliant fall foliage has faded, there are other sights to enjoy. Here, in the Adirondacks, evergreen trees abound. Winter birds, chickadees, hover around the feeders. Milkweed pods spill their fluffy innards to the wind. Cattails and marsh grasses adorn the roadside. The turkeys, however, are unaware of their surroundings. Theyre too busy scratching at the earth in order to find food. At this season of harvest, we can lift our eyes to the hills, the mountains, and the sunset and give thanks.

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