Make choices to keep Earth clean

Why trash the worlds air? Do we Americans own it? Are we competing to be the worlds dirtiest citizens? Why not compete to be the cleanest, best citizens? Drive a low-impact, cleaner emitting car such as a hybrid. Eventually, once available, maybe use plug-in electrics, such as: the Chevy Volt, or Toyotas upcoming hybrid plug-in Prius disclosed to me recently by a docent of Plattsburghs transportation museum. Maybe one could even adapt ones own flexible solar panel to it, which will follow the roofs shape. I was told the plug-in Prius is expected by next year. Perhaps before long, traits like those will arrive in still newer combinations, such as biodiesel/electric hybrid plug-ins. Maybe someday, purely electric cars can have large capacitors, chargeable as quickly as filling gasoline tanks. The GM Sequel, purely electric, fuel-cell SUV should soon arrive; its development is advancing. It recently achieved a milestone range between refuelings as high as that for typical gasoline vehicles. Lets go with the wind! Instead of dirtying the worlds air into dangerous climate change, use airs clean strong kinetic energy to clean nuclear/fossil energy right out of business. Let winds strength charge cars propulsion batteries, directly charge capacitor-powered automobiles, or electrolytically extract fuel cell cars hydrogen energy source from water. Let our grid carry the extra load by harnessing these mighty air currents. Because its not just our world but shared by others and they matter too, we know we should pull our weight; not toward more harm than others do, but more good! With our North Countrys rich gift of such muscular wind, the less fortunate world needs our help; we acknowledge responsibility to offer this beneficial product. We dont want its postponement into climate emergency. Please help us unite to do it now. Let us all reap its rewards. Its up to us. David E. Manwell

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