Indian Lake adopts 2008 budget

INDIAN LAKE During the Nov. 12 regular meeting, the Indian Lake Town Board worked through a brief agenda in anticipation of voting on the final draft of the 2008 budget. Following a series of public review meetings, and culminating in a final budget draft at the November 8 hearing, the board voted to accept the budget as proposed. A secondary budget issue was addressed concerning whether the Town of Indian Lake would continue to plow Big Brook Road despite its legal classification as a County Highway. Supervisor Hutchins assured the group that the proposed budget could comfortably accommodate this continued service, and Councilman Virgil noted that the plowing would result in tax savings to residents through a slightly lower assessed tax rate. Indian Lakes 2008 budget will reflect a 5.794% overall budget increase, and a 7.692% overall tax increase. Councilman Wells cast the sole nay vote regarding budget acceptance without comment. In other business, Supervisor Hutchins read a letter from the Adirondack Museum, soliciting donations to aid in anticipated operating expenses and museum enhancements. The board moved to defer a decision until it could be determined whether the Town was permitted to provide direct donations, and to determine what support would be deemed appropriate. A letter was read from the Indian Lake Public Library regarding the nomination of Mr. Robert Vibert to its Board of Trustees, thereby filling a long-standing vacant position on the board. The motion was made to accept the nomination, and passed unanimously without discussion. The Board was notified of an upcoming USDA compliance review to take place on November 15. The compliance review requirement results from the towns receiving grant funding for improvements to its two water districts. Hutchins noted that this would be the second compliance review in recent memory, and he did not anticipate any problems. A bid for the replacement of a cargo box for a Highway Department vehicle was discussed, with the Board voting to defer the bid to committee for review. Board members expressed concerns that only one bid was received, and that questions remained on the possibility of repairing the existing equipment versus purchasing a new box, including the impact of a $16,700 purchase on the 2008 Highway Budget. Councilman Rathbun noted his interest in serving on the bid review committee. The next meeting of the Indian Lake Town Board will be on December 10, at the Indian Lake Town Hall.

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