Getting the best candidate for the job

Tuesday was not a big election. But what I wonder is this a precursor for the 08 presidential election? People who voted did so knowing it was small potatoes. But, when the chips are down, who will stand up for us? D.C. is not the biggest place but it is where the most influential people are. I am worried that TV and other media put down good people with ideas that are not those of the majority and forget that what matters is that we start taking back the government for the people. And know that the real power is not oil or other amenities but rather taking back the ways of the olden days. Prove to me that I am wrong and I will apologize for a less than favorable letter. But, if I am right, we the people need to be represented by men and women who care regardless of political party. And perhaps it is with good intentions that we face the problems that are ours. But we seemed to be the ones who are angry and fighting against innocents. With winter nearing, it is with good intentions that many of us have made plans to stick out the good and bad weather. But, it is the North Country that makes us stay. Because, no matter where you go there are draw backs. But, here what is common is the loyalty. We would never leave what we call home. And that is what senators and other reps are supposed to be for to protect us from harm. Please do not let us for get to say thanks for work well done. J.B.Pelkey

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