News around the Bouquet Valley is getting interesting. In E-Town, the Pleasant Valley Chorale is in the midst of preparing their winter concert and we all expect it to be the best yet. In Willsboro, Cory Gillilland, curator emeritus of Medallic Art has been elected Vice-President of international Federation of Medallic Art, making her the first American to be elected to this world wide organization. She gets free coffee at conference for putting in 23 weeks of work. Everyone in Willsboro are waiting for the 50+ absentee votes which may well determine who will be elected to the Town Council. In Reber, the Grange held their monthly meeting at the church because the Grange Hall was being used for voting. Out at the Willsboro Point, the D&C construction has slowed to a standstill whilst contractors begun their hegira to hunting camps. Oh, Westport continues to look for someone to fill up the former McQueens diner, while in Whallonsburg, the Stanley James family note that son Andrew has gone from Clarkson to the Army as a Second Lt and daughter Annie is leaving Hawaii for Crown Point (it makes sense to me). Also in the Burg the Whallonsburg Civic Association has regrouped and started to rejuvenate itself. In Essex, John Carrick, missionary son of Bea and whatisname, arrived from Paraguay. We hope to give him renewed support. Please contact Methodist church to help. The Essex Town board notes that HR 4950, the bill which includes authority to fund Essexs sewer system, was passed by both Houses to override the Presidents veto. He couldnt find anything in it for the family and Cheney. Now, all we have to wait for is an appropriation Bill which will provide the money. Dont hold your breadth! Throughout the region, Americas poor and blue collar citizens have begun the first revolt of Americans since 1776 by stopping payments on their Mortgages and credit cards and are refusing to shop for anything other than food. Of course they cant afford food working at Wal-Mart wages. Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart, who hasnt noticed that his employees are now shopping at Salvation Army stores, does not believe Henry Fords credo that an organization will only prosper if its employees can buy its product. To reward Mr. Scot, for continuous customer drop off and his draconian use of Below Federal Poverty Levels wages, the company will give him a bonus that exceeds the gross of 12 stores. Has anyone noticed that the annual Essex calendar is now selling at the Town hall? Did I say this before? Will I say it again? SOYA.

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