Board closes street

TICONDEROGA Responding to residents, the Ticonderoga town board has made Grace Avenue a dead-end street. A petition signed by 28 Grace Avenue residents asked for the action. Ti Highway Superintendent Phil Huestis supported the request. The town action closes Grace Avenue between Patriot Pass and Summit Street, a section that features a steep hill with no homes. This section of road is extremely hazardous during winter months as proven by several accidents involving snow removal equipment, the petition reads. It is very costly to maintain in the winter, requiring copious amounts of road salt. The summit of the hill on Grace Ave(nue) presents a very hazardous blind spot and has been the site of numerous near-miss accidents, the petition continues. We feel that the area residents and the public in general would be best served by making this change of designation. Ti Supervisor Bob Dedrick also pointed out the bank along the side of that portion of Grace Avenue is unstable. That bank is tipping toward Patriot Pass, Dedrick said. In the near future we would need to construct a costly retaining wall if the street remained open. That hill has always been dangerous, he added. Dedrick said three town highway vehicles have had accidents on the hill during the past few winters. A few Grace Avenue residents opposed the action. I understand their concerns, but we (town trustees) went with the vast majority of people, Dedrick said. There were 28 homeowners in favor of it and only three who opposed it. Barricades will be placed on Grace Avenue to temporarily close the street while the town begins abandonment proceedings. Once the town abandons the road, the property will revert to the current landowners in the area.

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